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Directory statistics
Total links: 2261
Total categories: 67
Total regions: 7
Most visited link: 663 www.dreamsubmit.net
Category with most links: Business and Economy
Category with least links: Marine
Region with most links: Europe
Region with least links: Antartica
Total visit link count: 161135
Average link view: 71
Total worth link count: 4255935 $
Average link worth: 1882 $
Website creation time: 14.08.2014
Years active: 3

Total al domains:1
Total asia domains:1
Total at domains:3
Total au domains:16
Total ba domains:68
Total be domains:18
Total bg domains:7
Total biz domains:10
Total br domains:2
Total ca domains:3
Total cat domains:1
Total cc domains:2
Total ch domains:13
Total cn domains:8
Total co domains:4
Total com domains:1169
Total cz domains:13
Total de domains:30
Total directory domains:1
Total dk domains:13
Total edu domains:8
Total es domains:22
Total eu domains:1
Total fi domains:3
Total fr domains:34
Total gov domains:12
Total hk domains:2
Total hr domains:112
Total ie domains:7
Total in domains:16
Total info domains:29
Total is domains:2
Total it domains:26
Total jp domains:6
Total kh domains:1
Total kr domains:2
Total kz domains:1
Total lk domains:2
Total lu domains:3
Total me domains:1
Total mx domains:14
Total my domains:2
Total net domains:121
Total nl domains:33
Total no domains:18
Total nu domains:1
Total nz domains:7
Total org domains:126
Total pg domains:1
Total pk domains:3
Total pl domains:19
Total pt domains:10
Total ro domains:1
Total rs domains:61
Total ru domains:2
Total se domains:10
Total sg domains:1
Total si domains:29
Total sk domains:5
Total tk domains:1
Total to domains:1
Total tr domains:9
Total travel domains:1
Total tv domains:7
Total tw domains:2
Total uk domains:94
Total us domains:3
Total ws domains:1
Total za domains:4
Total zm domains:1

Total unique domains:


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