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Eurohttp is an affordable paid webmaster directory which provides link search, promotion, examination and appraisal through categories and regions.
Eurohttp - is a powerful link directory with emphasis on European content. With its service and simple handling it saves you time and of course money. Eurohttp aims on a useful content and many features that lead to it. It pays up. Once you submit a link, it will be submitted to many other directories and websites using specific softwares. You can be sure that Eurohttp will make your website popular and more visited than before.
Note: From 29.03.2017 Eurohttp is available to be sold completely with domains and website content since it is highly related to each other if good price is offered. Offers can be send at eurohttp@europe.com.
Configuration of Eurohttp
Directory name = Eurohttp
Directory description = Top direct paid web directory. Link submission, searching, ranking, printing and appraisal through regions and categories. Find places, businesses, companies, manufacturers, partners, trades, deals, discounts, websites about money saving and other information by searching database. Get emails and phone numbers of contacts and specific year time or day time of link entry. Order link submission with an affordable price which lasts for a lifetime. Top categories, top regions as well as RSS subscriptions and statistics are available at the directory with many other options. Find content from Europe and other regions. You can see each website detailed page. Advertise your large or small business. Boost your business, work or product. Directory is SEO optimized, with do follow links. That and much more...
Directory keywords = top, rank, web, paid, directory, order, add, internet, links, euro, http, eurohttp, webmasters, submission
Encoding = UTF-8
Languages = hr, sr, en, ru, zh, de, hi, ro, es, it, nl, vi
Website rating = mature

Confirmation code at submission page is changed hourly.
Results from search and rss may vary.
Eurohttp doesn't support some languages, such for example French.

Setting Eurohttp in your browser
For Opera: Menu -> Settings -> Manage Search Engines -> Other search engines
Enter Name: Eurohttp
Enter Keyword: e
Enter Address: http://www.eurohttp.com/search.cgi?text_submit=%s&submit=Search&search_type=ascending&page=1&start=0&end=19
Setting Eurohttp in your browser
For Chrome: Menu -> Settings -> Search -> Manage Search Engines... -> Other search engines
Enter Name: Eurohttp
Enter Keyword: e
Enter URL: http://www.eurohttp.com/search.cgi?text_submit=%s&submit=Search&search_type=ascending&page=1&start=0&end=19
Domain appraisal
Eurohttp provides auto domain appraisal which means that is an automatic process.
Prices are minimum made. Some domains are worth much more than their minimum pricing.
Eurohttp takes Eurohttp's directory as the big factor in domain appraisal. It doesn't mean that domain is less worth because they are not listed at Eurohttp's directory. It simply shows results based on directory observation.
Eurohttp's domain appraisal does not represent a real domain worth, which can be higher or smaller.
Eurohttp's domain appraisal is made of criteria which can not be used as the accurate result of domain price but Eurohttp is trying to give its own made appraisal service and keep a statistic of domains which are in the directory. But certainly those are not any official prices of domains which Eurohttp makes.
Eurohttp on your website
Copy this example code on your desired website page to search Eurohttp directory straight from your website.

The form would look like this:
Eurohttp directory

Eurohttp's manualEurohttp on the webEurohttp's Knowledge base

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